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Welcome to the Brandywine Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM dealership of Wilmington. We have a long list of high-quality domestic brands for you to choose from at high-volume discount prices. When you are shopping for the right car, truck, crossover, or SUV, we make the buying process easier than ever with our model reviews. Browse through our detailed reviews of the models available right now on our lots and simply show up for a test-drive to finalize the deal. Below, we have written some concise features that are common across the board in the reliable and rugged domestic vehicles that we carry. After you have digested the overview, simply move on to the specific model reviews and select the vehicles that you love the most.

CDJR Model Reviews


One thing that you will find with domestic vehicles, over and over again, is that they are far more affordable to maintain than imports. And when it comes to domestic vehicles, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM have more character and durability than many others on the road. The secret to the success and infatuation of domestic vehicles in the USA boils down to import taxes. When you purchase a foreign vehicle, you are usually paying a lot more in taxes than for the actual car. If you have ever lived abroad and tried to import something by a private carrier, you know just how high those taxes can be (often double or triple the value of the package itself). The shipping costs and import taxes on imports inflate the prices and leave you waiting three days or more for special parts to arrive.


Jeep brand vehicles are based on the famous military vehicle that became a legend for its off-roading capabilities. In fact, they are the source of the SUV's and CUV's that Americans know and love today. The dependable factor is escalated by the quality of the build and the attention to detail in the US market. You will generally find that American manufacturers have far more regulations and quality standards than other countries around the world. Dependability is a huge concern when you are dealing with the inclement weather and unpredictable terrain found in many parts of the country.


Domestic vehicles are simply known for having distinguishable characteristics that are so iconic. Everyone recognizes Jeep brand vehicles the moment that they see them. RAM trucks are among some of the toughest around and look the parts as well. Dodge vehicles are iconic because they have a bit of a bad boy image on some models that are designed with aggressive styling and solid performance to match. And although the Chrysler flagship models are reserved to a couple of exclusive executions, the Pacifica and 300, sometimes less is more. Both of these vehicles have classy styling that provides you with uptown city finesse without breaking the bank.

Please call us or stop by in your leisure to experience the legendary lineup of domestic vehicles on our lots. We have such a diversity in colors, styles, and performance to appease a variety of tastes. We thank you for visiting and look forward to meeting you!

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